Greek Police: Beware of telephone scams

A new way to deceive unsuspecting citizens and extract sensitive personal data, financial information, or security codes via phone calls has been reported by the Electronic Crime Prosecution Department.

According to a relevant announcement from the Hellenic Police, these phone calls are made from landlines or mobile phones using a recorded message in English or Greek.

The perpetrators, pretending to be law enforcement authorities, urge citizens to follow specific steps to get informed about alleged criminal offenses pending against them.

For their safety, the Electronic Crime Prosecution Department advises citizens to:

  • Be cautious about such phone calls.
  • Record the phone number from which they were called.
  • Do not call back a number provided through a voice message; be vigilant.
  • Do not discuss sensitive information with anyone who calls and requests it.
  • Never disclose their credit or debit card PIN, or e-banking account access code under any circumstances.

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